About Quuks

Since being established in 2022, we have been committed to training a new generation of Cobol and Mainframe developers to ensure continuity of Cobol and Mainframe environments.

Quuks has a total solution for attracting new talent Cobol and Mainframe developers. We ensure the recruitment of motivated talent, selection through assessments, training and coaching throughout the entire process, and finally- our talent transfers to the client. We are once again expanding the pool with new Cobol and Mainframe developers, and there is no time to waste!

Matthijs Jansen

Welcome to Quuks! With Quuks we have the mission to train a new generation for the legacy programming language Cobol. It is a great opportunity to really train a new generation, which is why we add the mission to make this new generation of developers a better reflection of society.

I am the founder of Quuks. I bring with me 20 years of experience in IT recruitment, and have previously retrained people in IT. With a background in education, everything comes together at Quuks; training people for a job with prospects and at the same time also solving a societal problem.

Kaia Lubbers

Nice to meet you! My name is Kaia Lubbers and I am excited to introduce myself to you as the Operations Manager of our great team here at Quuks.

With a passion for efficiency, growth, and development within the organisation and the pursuit of excellence, I lead our operational activities with enthusiasm and dedication. At Quuks, we strive to provide our customers, trainees and partners with the best possible experience. As Operations Manager, I am proud to play an important role in realising this mission and I look forwards to welcoming you to the world of Quuks!

Quuks is where our passion for Cobol and Mainframe meets a mission for diversity and inclusion. Since being established in 2022, we have been working hard to train a new generation of Cobol and Mainframe developers, while promoting diversity within these teams.

For us, everything revolves around personal attention and engagement, which means that we look not only for motivation but also for each candidate’s unique talent. Through intensive coaching, training and customised guidance, we ensure that the traineeship is successfully completed, and that the trainee becomes a valuable asset to our clients.

To realise and guarantee all of this, we as Quuks are actively involved in stimulating the demand for Cobol and Mainframe developers by organising events and initiatives that contribute to an inclusive environment.

At Quuks we say: “Stable, Secure, Robust & Inclusive!”

High-quality customised training courses

Practical training and immediately deployable employees

Continuity and stability in the teams through professional coaching