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IT traineeship Cobol Developer

Have you always been interested in programming, but still don’t possess the appropriate professional qualifications and experience? As you search, you will come across various educational options. How do you know whether it really is something for you and whether you have the talent for it? At Quuks, we can recognise your potential and help you discover whether programming is something that might suit you. And that is not all there’s to it! Our traineeship is also directly a paid job. We offer you security and great personal development – it doesn’t get better than that! Together, we will work towards your successful career as a Cobol programmer! Sign up now and find out whether you have the talent and whether it suits you!
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Building the future

assessment + coaching + training + transfer


Are you ready to start your IT career as a programmer? Sign up now and let us guide you into the future!

This is how ACTT works



Do you have what it takes to become a Cobol developer? We test your aptitude and whether you possess the personal qualities that suit a programmer.



Learning to program does not make you a programmer. Through coaching you learn how to develop into a programmer and team player.



2-3 months training to learn the basics of programming in Cobol, after which you start working and continue to learn on the job.



After 12 months of coaching and training, a job and a glorious career as a Cobol programmer are already waiting for you.

Online Academy; Z Xplore from IBM together with Quuks

Hey you there, Yes! You!

Are you eager to learn, impatient, motivated, and do you just want to start NOW? Quuks is offering an online academy in collaboration with IBM Z Xplore! This is the perfect way to get started yourself and to get introduced to Cobol and Mainframe! Just try it out – you might become completely hooked on this beautiful programming language and everything that comes with it. And here’s a little tip for when you apply, which is certain to help you during the selection round!

Follow the link and imagine yourself in the world of Cobol & Mainframe together with Quuks & IBM!

What are Cobol and Mainframe?

A new generation

Welcome to the world of Cobol, a programming language with a rich history that has been, since the 1960s, the standard in payment transaction, amongst other areas. What makes Cobol so indispensable? The answer lies in its stability, robustness, and security. As control software for Mainframe supercomputers, which are crucial for secure and fast payment transactions, both Cobol and Mainframe are an indispensable link in the modern digital world. So indispensable are they, that Mainframes have developed into [one of] the most advanced computers available. Working on a Mainframe is thus also super high-tech and therefore very challenging and innovative!

Technically, there is no reason to move away from Cobol, as it still functions impeccably. However, for too long there has been no investment in training new people, and as the last generation of Cobol developers retires, this has now become a problem. At Quuks, we take on this challenge by training a new generation of Cobol developers!

But make no mistake – learning to program does not a programmer make! The Cobol environment is complex and requires puzzle solving skills in order to build the right solutions. At Quuks we train not only programmers, but real puzzle-solving masters! Learning Cobol programming may not be difficult, but navigating the complex environment in which Cobol is applied takes time, dedication, and expertise. Are you ready to take on the challenge? Sign up and we will help you start a career as a Cobol programmer.