Vacancy IT Traineeship

Quuks IT Traineeship Cobol & Mainframe Developer

Do you want to take a leap towards a promising career in IT? At Quuks, we are offering you this opportunity! Show that you have the drive to grow, and together with us you will develop into a real IT professional.

How does it work? You start with 2 to 3 months of intensive training under the guidance and supervision of experienced professionals. You will then start working immediately for one of our clients, where you will put your knowledge and skills into practice. During the entire 12-month process you will be receiving personal coaching, to grow both professionally and personally. Following this period, you will be employed by the client as a fully-fledged junior Cobol and/or Mainframe developer.

At Quuks, we believe in teamwork. Together with your fellow trainees, performance coach and buddy, you create a stimulating learning environment in which you motivate and inspire each other and achieve success together. Make that leap and invest in your future!

You choose Quuks, Quuks chooses you!

At Quuks we believe in your potential and in your future as an IT professional. That is why we are committed to giving you the best start in your career. With our traineeship, we invest not only in your technical skills, but also in you as a person. We offer an intensive programme where you grow not just professionally, but also as a person!

This is what you get:

  • A wonderful traineeship that allows you to grow both professionally and personally.
  • A professional qualification programme that will boost your career and your life.
  • Customised training and coaching.
  • A gross salary of 2,500 euros per month from day one, and after half a year – a promotion to 2,900 euros gross per month.
  • After the traineeship, immediate employment by the client, with another nice salary increase!

You are the talent:

No professional qualifications? No stress! We believe in you, not in the piece of paper. Together we will develop the skills you need to become a fully-fledged Cobol and/or Mainframe developer. The level of the professional qualification programme and of the position would nevertheless match that of the Dutch HBO level (the Dutch equivalent of a bachelor from a university of applied sciences or polytechnic).

What are the costs?

Discover how our professional qualification programme can help you forwards#! Here’s how it works: the programme costs €5,000, but you receive a salary from day one of the training. After a year of intensive training and coaching and when you transfer to the client, we will refund you the full amount as a gross bonus.

No money to invest in your education? No problem. For example, if you receive social security benefits from the Dutch state, we will help you obtain financing from professionalisation training budgets. Even if all subsidy options have been exhausted, Quuks can still help you in other ways. So never let money be the reason for not applying – we will help you.

Diversity and inclusivity amongst the New Generation of Cobol Developers.

At Quuks we are actively committed to greater diversity and inclusivity in the IT sector. We strive to create a working environment where everyone feels welcome and valued. That’s why we encourage people with diverse backgrounds and experiences to apply to our programme. We recognise talent without discrimination in any form. Everyone is welcome at Quuks, you are welcome!

Ready, set, go!

Convinced of the great opportunity ahead of you? Then don’t wait and apply immediately. You decide, we help! Any questions? Kaia is ready to answer a flood of questions via or +31.20.2101974.

Vacature IT Traineeship

To sum up

All professional qualification courses are tailor-made, linked to the environment in which you will be working. A training course for a bank looks different than one for a government agency. In any case, we will ensure that you receive very practice-oreinted training.

A promising and guaranteed Career

Professional and Personal guidance

A high-quality professional qualification programme

Why Cobol?

Cobol is one of the oldest programming languages and still the standard for large payment transactions, for example. Think of banks, but also the tax authorities, the Dutch national job service, the military, airlines, and many others! Cobol is the programming language of IBM’s supercomputer, the mainframe. Cobol is stable, secure and robust, and these are important requirements for our payment transactions.

From a technical perspective, there are not many reasons to leave Cobol behind, but accessibility by new talent might be such a reason. As the current generation retires within 5 years, whereas the Cobol language will still play a central role for a much longer time, training a new generation of Cobol developers to ensure continuity within the payment transactions infrastructure is of great importance! Due to the large skill shortage, your future in this field looks very good; Cobol developers are amongst the best paid developers in the world.

This is what we think is important:

Our Mission

At Quuks we strive to support our candidates. We offer not only a unique combination of vocational training with a job guarantee, but also intensive coaching to promote individual development. Together with our suitable candidates, we work on a future in which both they and the employing client can grow and be successful in the world of Cobol and Mainframe.

Our Vision

We strive to bridge the gap between talent and employment through innovative vocational training and personalised coaching. Our vision is to create a future in which the Cobol and Mainframe market is given a boost, and every candidate has the opportunity to reach their full potential and be successful in their career. By working closely with clients, we strive for sustainable growth, in which both individuals and organisations thrive and flourish.

Our Values

As a trainee with us, you get the opportunity to develop yourself into a competent developer in a supportive and diverse environment. We believe in equal opportunities and strive for a team that reflects society, where your unique background and perspective are valued. With personal guidance, we do not just help you grow professionally, but also contribute to an inclusive culture within the organisation and beyond.