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At Quuks we understand the challenges of finding qualified candidates in the challenging world of Cobol and Mainframe development. That’s why we offer practice-oriented training and a sustainable solution for your staffing needs.

A sustainable
solution for talent

Quuks has a so-called deta-vast model (“deta” stands for “detachering” – the trainee is “on loan” from us to the client, while “vast” stands for a permanent contract). Your new generation of Cobol and Mainframe developers are recruited, trained, and coached by Quuks, and the ‘transfer’ follows after a year. This is the perfect way to meet new talent, and to know exactly what talents the people you hire will have. Through the transfer, you are guaranteed the knowledge of the new Cobol developer, which is always relevant in the complex environment of Cobol and Mainframe!

Moreover, we work with you to tailor a traineeship so that the trainees are optimally prepared for the challenges within your organisation. Our approach ensures not only a streamlined recruitment procedure, but also low turnover, thanks to the continuous coaching and guidance we provide.

This is how we help you overcome the challenging world of Cobol and Mainframe, by providing you with talented and motivated professionals.

Ready to strengthen your team with experts in Cobol and Mainframe development? Discover how our deta-vast model takes your staff recruitment to the next level!

assessment + coaching + training + transfer


Quuks uses the ACTT method: Assessment, Coaching, Training, and Transfer. Discover how this approach can work for your organisation:




We handle the recruitment of candidates and introduce only the best candidates for your vacancy.




The profile that emerges from the assessments is the starting point for the coaching that is to be used during the entire process of training and guidance on the work floor.




We train these people so that they can be deployed immediately.




After a coaching period of one year, during which you will have already met the trainee, you can take over that person without additional costs.

Connecting talent and employer

We are a connector, and your wishes are at the centre. That is why we at Quuks go further than just a professional qualification and training programme; We will work with you to identify the ideal candidate and training. We thus also guarantee that only the best and most suitable talent become part of the process! The road to a new career in IT is a challenging adventure, for both trainees and you as a client. But trust us, the journey is more than worth the reward.

At Quuks we create a vibrant learning environment where trainees are challenged to push their boundaries and discover their potential. Our approach is not a quick fix, but rather a commitment to hard work and to achieving success. Inspired by the world of Cobol and Mainframe, we strive to help trainees set and reach ambitious goals.

At Quuks it is all about personal attention and involvement, as well as about the talent that the candidate possesses. Not only do we make selections based on motivation, willingness, intellect, and cognitive ability, but we also offer intensive coaching, training, and tailor-made guidance. This is how we can ensure that every trainee completes the traineeship successfully and is smoothly transferred to you as the new employer.
At Quuks we say: Stable, Secure, and Robust! Welcome to Quuks.

What do you bring on as an organisation?

We have noticed that appointing a senior or buddy within your organisation is crucial for the optimal guidance of our juniors. They can thus benefit from valuable guidance and support, resulting in a better end-result for both themselves and your team.

Your advantage, our service


The best talent for your team!

Through customisation, we offer what your organisation really needs!


Our deta-vast model offers flexibility without the fuss.

Sustainable Solution

By investing in our trainees. you invest in the future of your organisation.

Reduced Turnover

Save time and money thanks to our continuous coaching and guidance.

Access to Diverse Talent

At Quuks we are actively committed to diversity and inclusion. This means that you get access to a wide range of Cobol and/or Mainframe talent.

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