Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the programme cost?
Discover how our programme can help you move forwards without it directly costing you money! Here’s how it works: the professional qualification programme costs €5,000, but you receive a salary from day one of the training. After a year of intensive training and coaching, when you transfer to the client, we will refund you the full amount as a gross bonus. 
No money to invest in your education? No problem. For example, if you receive social security benefits from the Dutch state, we will help you obtain financing from professionalisation training budgets. Even if you are not eligible for a subsidy, Quuks can still support you.
But that’s not all! We understand that not everyone has the same needs. That is why we also offer tailor-made solutions for employees who need to be retrained and for private individuals who follow the training without the intention of switching to a new job.

At Quuks we believe in your potential, and we are here to help you succeed, whatever your situation. Join us and discover how our training can change your future!

What is the salary and what are the prospects?
During the year of training and coaching, you will receive a salary from day one. After six months, you will already see an increase in your salary, and after a year, when you immediately start working for the client, you will see a substantial jump in your salary, based on the client’s salary scales. But that’s not all! As your expertise grows, so will your salary continue to increase, because your knowledge and skills will remain invaluable to any employer. Of course, the exact salaries depend on the client.
Can the programme (and job) also be done part-time?
The training course lasts 2 months for Cobol and 1 month extra if you work in a Mainframe environment. During the training course you will spend 2-3 days a week in the office with the trainer, 1 day a week at home, and 1 day a week at the client’s location, or working on an assignment with fellow trainees.
In the first year, we expect full-time employability, because you must be trained in a relatively short time to become an independently working Cobol programmer. In the long term, there will be more and more room to work either from home or part-time, depending on the client.
What happens if I work for your client for a year, but decide not to join the client?
In this case, your tuition fees will not be refunded. Otherwise, there are no fines, nor will you be left with debts. We will be strict in the selection because everyone hopes that you will transfer to the client.
Is there a future in an old language such as Cobol?
For decades, there has been speculation about the aging of Cobol and the idea that it will be replaced. However, to this day, Cobol remains an essential pillar of our payment transactions infrastructure. Technically, it meets all the strict requirements: it is stable, robust, and secure. Even if organisations choose to replace Cobol today, it would be a lengthy process that takes an average of 10 years to complete, if fully successful.

But even in the case of such a transition, you don’t have to worry. At Quuks we are ready to easily retrain or upgrade you to other, more modern programming languages. Whatever the future brings, your future perspective remains extremely bright!

Assessments, are they really necessary?
Assessments take time, but are important for us to recognise talent and motivation. We test you on different components and all those components represent part of who you are and what you can handle. The assessments are tailored to the environment in which you will be working, so we can tell you straight away whether you can handle the level and whether you would fit into the team. The assessment does not look at your existing qualifications or work experience, but simply looks at what you can do.
What sets Quuks apart from other IT training institutions?
Why would a client or trainee want to work at Quuks? At Quuks we have the answer, and it’s a win-win for everyone!

For you as a trainee, this means that you will not only receive extensive training, but also immediately get a job and a promising career perspective in the IT sector. But that’s not all – our training courses are completely tailor-made, so you will be ready to get started straight away. In addition, your progress will be closely monitored thanks to our intensive coaching, which guarantees that you will stay in the right place.
And for the employing clients? They will not only get professionals who are immediately deployable, but also meet potential future employees. Best of all, the clients don’t have to make their own investments in recruitment, selection, training and guidance – we take care of it all for them!

At Quuks we have a clear focus on our trainees and on our employing clients. Our lessons take place in small groups, which allows us to guarantee a personal approach focused on your specific needs and goals. We are currently not training people in-house, but only for existing vacancies. This ensures that talent can get started straight away, and immediately have an income in addition to their professional qualification training.

What kind of salary do I get and when will I get paid?
At Quuks you will receive a gross salary of 2,500 euros during the training. Half a year later, we will increase this to 2,900. But that’s not all: after 12 months, as you start working for the employing client, you will also receive a bonus and jump to another salary level with the employing client – your employer from that moment on. Thus, within one year, not only will you have received a full education and learnt a new trade, but you will also be getting a salary and an attractive bonus on the way. In short, you will immediately be stepping into a promising career, through Quuks!